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Buying a new Construction Home in Virginia Beach

The New Construction Home Buyers Guide | Virginia Beach

Buying a new construction home in Virginia Beach is a smart choice for many home buyers this year. While the housing market might be short on homes for sale by a previous owner, you have the opportunity to become the first owner and resident in a home that has just been built. New construction homes have the benefit of being highly modern in design, and each material is at the very beginning of its performance and

warranty period. It’s more than that new-house smell. It’s being the very first person to cook in the kitchen, sleep in the primary bedroom, or grow things in the garden.

Of course, buying a new construction home in Virginia Beach is not quite like buying a product off the shelf. You’ll still want to choose your location, builder, and property quality with care. So we’re here with a complete and helpful home buyer’s guide to new construction homes in Virginia Beach, VA.

Shopping Location, Neighborhood, and Community

When looking for a new-construction home, remember that the location and community are almost as important as the home itself. New-construction homes are typically built as part of a neighborhood plan and are often part of a homeowner’s association. This could mean neighborhood amenities like a pool, cabana, playground, clubhouse, or fitness center. It will also determine the general style and layout of your neighborhood and what it’s like to live there.

Find a neighborhood and community of new homes that you love so that you’ll treasure living in the house that you choose.

Fall In Love with a Floorplan and Feature Set

New construction homes tend to be built on a template, so find a template that feels “dream home” to you. New construction homes in Virginia Beach come in all different color palettes and architectural styles. These homes tend to be built with modern elegance, open floorplans, and uplifting design. You’re sure to find a floorplan that works for your lifestyle and family needs, so take your time and explore all of your options.


Look for homes with an exterior that charms you, a floorplan that works for you, and an interior design that inspires you. Whether your dream home is modern Tuscan,

post-modern minimalism, or Neo-Victorian, you can find your favorite styles reflected in Virginia Beach’s new construction homes.

Tour The Home In Person

Virtual home tours are incredibly immersive in today’s real estate market. 3D tours shot with 360-degree cameras allow you to truly “walk through” many of the listed Virginia Beach homes, and many realtors make use of sweeping videography to show off a home’s best features. But no matter how detailed the photos are or how immersive the virtual tour is, you should always tour in person. Use the 5-senses method when choosing a house.

New construction homes in Virginia Beach are just as important to walk through. The floorplan may be familiar, but each home is truly unique. Consider the grain of the floorboards, the light as it comes through the windows, and the sense of lifestyle the home evokes. Don’t be afraid to tour several new construction homes in the neighborhood and discover if one has that ephemeral ‘right-ness” of your new family home.

Bring Your Agent, Inspector, and Contractor

Don’t forget your real estate team when buying a new construction home in Virginia Beach. These homes are just like normal homes but newer. So strategize and complete your due diligence as a buyer. Bring your agent to help you identify each home’s objective value and personal selling points. Bring your inspector to ensure the house is as flawless as it appears.

You can even bring your contractor. A little post-purchase renovation is the best way to personalize a home as you become the very first owner.

Connect with a Local Lender

Connect with a local lender when you’re ready to purchase a new construction home. Lenders like new construction homes because the home’s value is at its least depreciated considering age and maintenance. Most of the materials are still under warranty, and there are likely lingering builder protections as well. Lenders who are

invested in seeing the local community grow may offer more favorable mortgage deals.

Become a New Construction Homeowner in Virginia Beach

When you have found the perfect new construction home in Virginia Beach, you can join the community as a proud new homeowner. New construction homes are a great opportunity to find beautiful homes in excellent condition because you are the first and only homeowner. So join us in Virginia Beach!

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